Healthwatch General Meeting in Public - 26th October 2021

Join us for our Extraordinary General Meeting, where the company will be voting to elect and re-elect those Members of the Board of Trustees who are standing.
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Members of the company will be voting on re-electing Steve Palmer, our Chair, who has served two 3-year terms of office. After a recruitment process throughout August and September 2021, members of the company will also be voting to elect five new candidates to serve as Trustees on the Healthwatch Hertfordshire Board.

Our Board

Our Board meets on a quarterly basis in public.

These meetings are an opportunity for you to find out about the work we are doing, share your experiences of health or social care services and get involved.

If you have any questions for our Board, you can ask them at this meeting. If you would like an answer on the day, please send us your questions five working days in advance of the meeting. If we cannot answer your question at this meeting, we will make sure we get an answer for you afterwards.

Tuesday 26th October 2021, 10:00 - 10:15 am

Online via Zoom

General Meeting Papers

Nomination of Candidate for Re-Election Form
Nomination of Candidates for Election Form
Alex Booth Biography
Brenda Davies Biography
Ramone Nurse Biography
Jan Taylor Biography
Neil Tester Biography

Update: 9th November 2021

This meeting has now passed; however, the minutes of the meeting can be read below.

Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting 26th October 2021

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