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November 2022

Healthwatch Board Meeting in Public - 22nd November 2022

Board Meeting
Online via Zoom
Tuesday 22nd November, 2022 - 10:00 to 13:00

About this event

Log on to watch our next Board Meeting in public. More details about the event, including the agenda, will be added to this page on the 15th November 2022 (one week before the meeting).

Our Board

Our Board meets on a quarterly basis in public.

These meetings are an opportunity for you to find out about the work we are doing, share your experiences of health or social care services and get involved.

If you have any questions for our Board, you can ask them at this meeting. If you would like an answer on the day, please send us your questions five working days in advance of the meeting. If we cannot answer your question at this meeting, we will make sure we get an answer for you afterwards.

Accessible Meetings

You can join our Zoom meetings via your laptop, tablet or phone.

Please let us know if you need any extra help to access our meetings by using the Contact Details given below.

How to join the meeting

The meeting will be held in public with an opportunity to ask your questions.

Please get in touch using the Contact Details given below and request joining details. We will send you a link and a password.

Contact details

To register your interest in attending and/or ask a question, contact us in one of the following ways and ask for Nuray:

01707 275978