Person using disposable syringe putting a specimen on a glucose meter
June 2022

Diabetes Week

Community events
Monday 13th June, 2022 to Sunday 19th June, 2022

About this event

Diabetes Week is an annual event in the second week of June in the UK to raise awareness of and funds for research into the disease, as well as support for people living with it.

The event is organised by Diabetes UK, the leading diabetes charity in the UK.

There are approximately 3.9 million people in the UK living with diabetes and a further 900,000 who likely have it but haven’t yet been diagnosed bringing the total to 4.8 million. Put another way, one in 15 people in the UK now live with diabetes.

Read more here about local support available for those with diabetes.

Contact details

For more information on Diabetes Week contact the charity Diabetes UK:

0345 123 2399